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Mega Link Technology provides a variety of breakthrough, robust, and user friendly products, which range from corporate to engineering. Their capabilities and features fit the jobs that they are designed to do more than adequately.

Mega Link Technology has been a strong producer of quality software since 1990. Our brand can be trusted and it stands by its products. The years of experience have brought us recognition with companies such as S&P, Hewlett Packard, McGraw Hills, and others.

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    PAL is a product that helps you keep your production applications alive.
  Web Application Monitor
    Web Application Monitor will monitor all your web applications and report to you if any of them are down or are running slower than you expect.
  E-mail Messenger
    E-mail Messenger will make your program send MAPI compliant e-mails with almost no code changes within your application.
  SNMP Messenger
    SNMP Messenger will make your program send an SNMP trap to your network monitor with almost no code changes within your application.
  Electrical Assistant
  Electrical Assistant will help make the job of electrical engineer's easier when they are working on major electrical projects.
  Estimator Pro
    Estimator Pro will help general and sub contractors make estimates with greater accuracy.