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Imagine if you had an integrated Help Desk system that would monitor all the critical components of your stand alone and networked applications, notify you or the responsible individuals that a problem has occurred, and allowed troubleshooting and inquiry capabilities via your network or the Internet. Would this product be your PAL? Ping-A-Link is your PAL and more!

Front End Monitor

PAL Monitors:
Standard and custom applications running on virtually any server platform including UNIX and NT.

Critical, Non-Stop and Transaction Processing applications.

Data Warehousing applications and data loads.

Existing (legacy) applications even if source code no longer available.

Internet/intranet sites and applications.

Applications outside your network using Internet communication tools.

Database data quality problems and data content related issues and trends.

All the major databases including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and Informix.

File servers including Novel, Windows 95/NT and UNIX.

System, network, and information infrastructure.

PAL Back End Server
PAL Offers:
Complete, single source solution.

Stand-alone, unattended monitoring, even when application server are down.

End-to-end user connectivity verification
Error definition and handling facility.
Online error issue tracking.
Built in event statistics.
Special handling of customer or business notifications.
Distribution of informational messages.
Central Knowledge Repository.
Integration with Excel, Access and MAPI e-mail.
Compatibility with major network management tools.
Simple installation and configuration.
PAL Notifies via :


Real-time on screen
WEB browser
Voice Mail
Or you can dial to a PAL Voice Response Unit to obtain the information you need from a regular touch tone phone.
PAL can drastically reduce your support costs and downtime without breaking your budget.
PAL server can be monitored at any time by viewing the PAL Monitor, available in either EXE or WEB version.