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Click on the image to see how our GUI looks.

When you need a tru PAL in your business, Ping-A-Link will help you.

Your production applications need support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you really have time, money, and resources to make sure your production jobs are running round the clock?
Do you know if all the external web sites are functioning? How about the infrastructure to support them, including databases, servers, networks, and processes?
We think we know the answers to all these questions and we know very well that you would rather focus on more important things.
You need a Pal who can take care of this dirty work for you.
Make Ping-A-Link your best PAL and let it do your job. If it discovers that something has gone wrong it will notify you via:
Voice mail
An SNMP trap to an existing network monitor.
You can see and control your application from the web.
Click on the image to see how PAL can notify you via the web.
Our PAL has already found exciting jobs at many big and small companies. If you would like to receive more information about these implementations, please e-mail us at
We are looking for dirty jobs to challenge PAL. The dirtier the better.
Honestly, we are looking for more companies with challenging production environments and small support budgets.
Our prices are still VERY affordable. This "free lunch" is not going to last very long.
Click here for pricing and order information.