NetPAL Extended Subscription

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This includes a set of services and products to provide an integrated view of your business. It includes both surface (external Websites) and deep (internal processes that support the Websites) monitoring, as well as performing related business and IT functions automatically to address the detected problems.

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In addition to our NetPAL Basic Subscription service, we provide extended services and products.

Deep (internal) Website monitoring. Your Website's content and function depends on a whole E-commerce chain of internal Business and IT processes. This service will provide an integrated view of this whole critical chain.

     Websites Applications
     Databases Batch Jobs
     Servers Networks
     Data Balances Statistical Trends
     User Activity Performance Bottlenecks

Website Tuning. - If NetPAL monitoring detects persistent internal or external problems with your Website, we can provide improvement recommendations as well as their actual implementation.

Automated, Secure Transaction Exchange Server (NetPAL TES). - After NetPAL monitoring detects certain critical business events, it can execute designated transactions within your business, as well as transactions between you and your business partners.

Intranet-based Monitoring (PAL Product). If your security needs limit you to monitoring Websites, Applications, and their infrastructure from a location within your Fire Wall, or if you prefer to run your own monitoring console, we provide a whole family of monitoring products (PAL Product).

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