NetPAL Basic Subscription

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NetPAL Basic Subsrciption Service

We will monitor your Websites (URLs) from secure servers running our patented Web-based NetPAL monitoring software. To provide you with true, worldwide end-user perspective, the servers are located in different geographical regions. This includes monitoring status, performance, content, and other key characteristics of your Website. In addition, we provide vital historical statistics.

$60.00 per non-secure Website (HTTP)
$70.00 per secure Website (HTTPS)

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Volume and promotional discounts are also available. To apply for a discount, please contact us at now. If you have a discount, please enter the promotional code here: and click to start Monitoring

If you just want to test how it operates, start a Free NetPAL Basic Subscription for one month.

Free NetPAL Basic Subsrciption Service

We will monitor your single Website (URL) for one month, free of charge. This includes monitoring status, easy-to-understand web accessible performance statistics, and email notification.

After 30 days you can keep the NetPAL Basic Subscription service package for just $60/month by changing your "My NetPAL" profile.