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NetPAL Hosted External Monitoring Services

Unit Monthly
Price US$


# of

Price US$

Basic Web site monitoring service. Monitors your Web site from multiple locations every 60 minutes, e-mail notification, , HTTP URLs only.

$20.00 x

Stay Secured option. Secure URLs (HTTPS).

$10.00 + x

Assured Accessibility option. Check status every 30 minutes.

$8.00 + x

Mission Critical option. Check status every 15 minutes.

$15.00 + x

Statistical option. Logon to MyNetpal account, download performance statistics.

$25.00 + x

Extended service option. Integrate with PAL internal monitoring products (see Product list below).

$60.00 + x

Carry the Link discount. Add link "Monitored by NetPAL. Get your’s FREE at www.netpal.com" to your Web page.

$5.00 - x

Carry the Banner discount. Add NetPAL banner to your Web page.

$8.00 - x

Stay Free. Basic Web site monitoring from multiple locations every 120 minutes. Requires "Carry the Link" or "Carry the Banner". Limited to HTTP, one URL per customer

$0.00    One only
Total Monthly Charges

PAL Internal Monitoring Software Products

Price US$


# of

Purch Price US$

PAL10001. PAL Server. Collects, stores, and processes events' data. Provides intelligent notification, logging and statistics. Single user.

$400.00 x

PAL10001. PAL Server. Multi-user.

$300.00 + x

PAL10002. Database Agent.Monitors a single database and allows status, data integrity, and response time verification.

$200.00 + x

PAL10003. File Server Agent. Monitors a single file server and checks operating condition, availability, and performance.

$200.00 + x

PAL10004. PAL API Agent. PAL API Agent. Programmable interface to trigger PAL Server compliant events and alarms from within applications.

$400.00 + x

PAL10101. Windows Monitor ( front end). Provides Windows based access to event data. Displays on-screen alarms, status information, and statistics.

$300.00 + x

PAL30001. Web Monitor Provides Web-based access to event data. Displays on-screen alarms and status information.

$4,600.00 +   Unlimited

PAL10201. E-mail Messenger. Enables e-mail notification through any MAPI compliant e-mail server.

$1,800.00 +   Unlimited

PAL10301. SNMP Gateway. Sends SNMP event related notifications through the network.

$3,200.00 +   Unlimited

PAL10401. Win32 Application Monitor.Monitors Windows based processes on target monitored servers .

$900.00 + x

PAL10501. UNIX Application Monitor. Monitors UNIX processes, jobs and applications on target monitored servers .

$2000 + x

PAL21201. OLAP Agent for ORACLE Express.Monitors events within Oracle Express as well as MDD database integrity, Web Agent accessibility, and data/metadata loading.

$3,600.00 + x

PAL50001. WEB Agent. Collects WEB sites' status, performance, statistics and content validity information.

$3,600.00 +   Unlimited

PAL40001. Voice Response Unit (VRU). Provides phone-based access to the events data. Plays sound alarms and messages.

$5,600.00 +   Unlimited

PAL20001. E-mail - Pager Gateway. Provides paging notification based on event information received through e-mail.

$1,800.00 + x

PAL30001. Windows Enterprise Package. Including:
- Unlimited Main Server connections.
- Unlimited Windows Monitors (front ends).
- E-mail Messenger.
- Unlimited Win32 Application Monitors.

$22,000.00 +   Unlimited

PAL30002. UNIX Enterprise PackageIncluding:
- Unlimited Main Server connections.
- Unlimited Windows Monitors (front ends).
- E-mail Messenger.
- Unlimited UNIX Application Monitors.

$24,400.00 +   Unlimited
Total One Time Charges

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