Electrical Assistant

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Electrical Assistant is one of the best electrical engineering software and is in use throughout the United States.
Imagine seven different electrical engineering applications in one package
Calculating Conduit Fill with Different Size Conductors
Calculates the diameter of a conduit depending on the types of wires that are run through it.
Wire Size and Ampacity
Determines the load in amps that a wire can carry.
Motor Circuits
Allows calculations of the necessary leads to various motors.
Selecting Sizes of Transformers
Selects necessary transformer KVA setting based on amperage and voltage.
Transformer K-Factor Rating
Calculates K value of the transformer based on various loads.
Voltage Drop
Calculates the minimum wire size needed to keep the voltage drop below minimum gov't regulations
Rule of Thumb Methods
Quick estimates for the necessary number of fluorescent fixtures and space heating/air conditioning needs.
And many more features for those who are interested in New York codes.